Wearing Gillian.

So a dramatic change in fortune for the Exhibitionist has lead to a new job, as a Visitor Services Assistant at the National Portrait Gallery. This means I spend much of my time wandering around, looking at portraits and waiting for a terrorist attack of some kind. It's an interesting way of experiencing a Gallery… Continue reading Wearing Gillian.


Modern Life isn’t Rubbish

I'll begin by apologising profusely at the incredibly lengthy hiatus between my last post and this, I know you're all on absolute tenterhooks and furious at the lack of material output from The Exhibitionist in the past three months. The reason for my absence was an unpaid position I took up at the wonderful (but woefully… Continue reading Modern Life isn’t Rubbish

Renaissance Man

I recently visited the National Gallery's current exhibition Beyond Caravaggio. Rather than focusing on the man himself, the exhibition centres around the work of lesser known artists who were inspired by Caravaggio in various ways. Some by his raw subject matter and commitment to realism. Others by his use of light and closely cropped frames. Actually, very… Continue reading Renaissance Man